Lions and Animal Sculptures by RD \\-olff

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Lions, especially holding a ring in their mouth from which frequently hangs a tassel or cornucopia-like form
composed of fruit and leaves dates back to ancient Roman architecture. On some buildings such as theaters that have a marquee, lions were often used in the facade to give the appearance of holding the marquee up with chain, cable or rods held in their mouth or from the ubiquitous mouth ring.

In the same way owl sculptures were used on libraries and schools quite often due to the association with being wise or educated, the lion was symbolic of strength, courage, fidelity and nobility, and he was used frequently in pairs or paired with another animal such as a unicorn in monuments, memorials, shields, seals, charters and cartouches of all kinds, company logos and trademarks, so it is of no surprise he found his way ornamentally onto facades of buildings.

The lion-with-ring motif is still popular today and found on drawer and cabinet pulls, door knockers, curtain rings and so forth.