Inspired by a terra cotta ornament
from an office building at 90 West St

New York City,
~ I present ~
Cass Gilbert 90 West St winged dog Nr 90
by Randall

Randall is an art scholarship recipient of Iowa Central Community College.





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SIZE:Nominal 27" high by 15-1/2" wide, 14-1/2" deep
WEIGHT: 90# (interior version)
HISTORY of the design

The original terra cotta sculpture used for a visual reference idea is one of four of this design on the Cass Gilbert landmark 1906 building at 90 West Street, in New York City. The back of the model is open just like the original is on the building, and is designed to be placed against the wall.

The building which sits opposite the former World Trade Center site was extensively damaged on it's North facade when the South tower collapsed.

The entire North facade had to be removed to the steel frame, some 7,000 units of terra cotta which included about 100 gargoyles, griffins and others had to be replaced.

Happily, contacts I have took some excellent photos of some of the ornaments, while other resources provided additional photos. My reduced scale model was inspired by these designs but is also about a foot shorter to keep the size and weight down while still providing an imposing sculpture.

The observant will notice the animal's paws have only 3 toes on each- not an oversight on my part, the originals had 3 toes and it caught me by surprise, all the times I looked at the photos it wasn't obvious untill I started modelling the toes and referred to one photo I have and it clearly showed 3 not 4 toes as I had started laying out in the clay. Four toes would be typical for many animals, 3 suggests a bird influence in the design which makes sense, then again maybe it was done to enable the toes to be larger and more dramatic by not crowding 4 in.

What the original designs' intent was insofar as the type of animal the piece depicts is anyones' guess, it could have been a lioness, or even someones' dog was used for the idea. The head and ears have a sort of dog-like look to me, and the massive paws with their deep toes and claws remind me of some of the Mastiff breeds.
The closest I've come to matching a mythological animal to the design is the Armenian Aralez or Aralezner - The oldest gods in the Armenian pantheon, Aralez are dog-like creatures with powers to resuscitate fallen warriors and resurrect the dead by licking wounds clean.


There is also a winged dog in slavic mythology, both Armenians and Slavic immigrants as well as many other Europeans came to the United States in the 19th century, they brought their art, cultures, mythology and more to us, an Armenian artist or laborer certainly would have worked in a terracotta production factory and would have had some influence on a design like this in the modelling department.

The toes on the original number and odd three per paw as my model does too, why three toes? I have a theory that the original artist decided to accentuate the strength of the claws and toes to give it strength and power, that's supported in part too by the muscles in the forelegs, the massive power of the paws are the first thing that draws the eye on this, to fit four toes on each paw they would have had to have been modelled smaller, and closer together, the impact of that would have been significantly reduced.

The two photos below are courtesy of, and used with kind permission of fellow flickr member Mark;



Mark's extensive photo collection includes numerous- as in hundreds- of gargoyles, grotesques and other facade creatures in their extant locations, when you are done here check out his flickr photo collection here;

Mark "Mysunsin" photo collection


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As a general guideline- most of my sculptures are priced between $69 to $300, with many in the $100-$150 range. A price list is partially completed as a PDF file, some browsers will view PDF files directly with plug-ins, otherwise you may need to download the file:

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Due to the size and weight of many of my larger sculpture, cardboard boxes just don't work well for them, the majority of my sculptures with few exceptions are shipped in custom built CDX plywood crates, smaller sculptures may ship double boxed instead of a crate.

Shipping is now included in the price, concrete however is priced more due to the additional weight, extra production handling and packing it involves.

Larger sculptures are packed into 1/2" thick plywood crates lined with rigid foam board, packing and shreaded newspaper or excelsior, glued, joint cleated and air nailed. You will need a #2 square drive bit or large phillips driver to open the lid. Smaller sculptures ship typically double boxed.

I use FEDEX ground service for all shipments in the lower 48 states. I do not ship outside the USA.




The clay models shown in my various work in progress photos are not reproduced and molded off of existing antique pieces.
These hand sculpted models are created from scratch by Randall in water based clay, and typically take an average of 20-30 hours to set up, layout and sculpt each master model.
When the clay models are finished, they are permanently captured with silicone mold compounds which can pick up even a fingerprint and faithfully transfer it to a cast made in it. From the molds, interior cast-stone as well as concrete sculptures are made available for clients to purchase.

Existing savaged pieces are limited to what happens to be for sale at high prices, often damaged, rarely found in pairs and being typically large in scale (meant to be seen from the street from 5 floors below) they are difficult to display in today's smaller homes and apartments. Instead of making molds of these pieces, Randall creates new original models based on authentic 19th century and early 20th century Victorian, Art Deco and Louis Sullivan style architectural sculptures. While I do have a small number of older designs directly molded from antique pieces, these are being phased out over time as I create my own original models.


Designs in the Collection are copyright, this includes reproductions of antique pieces upon which I made certain modifications, alterations or changes- the changes are copyright. I do not sell molds, nor casts for others to replicate. I reserve the right to decline sales to anyone.

Original clay models by Randall (and casts made from them) all carry my impressed model numbers, paw-print logo, date of creation, signature casting number date are inscribed by hand on the back of every cast.

General information applicable to all of my sculptures

My standard cast-stone is for INTERIOR OR UNDER A COVERED PORCH ONLY! Out in the garden they might last 4 or 5 years, maybe longer before showing weather damage.

If you are looking for something for the garden or to build into a wall, I offer concrete as a special order item which takes approx 3 weeks. Not all pieces are available in concrete.

All of my sculptures have a heavy wire embedded on the back to hang them on the wall.

I offer several different finishes. The suggested default finish for each is shown in the ordering menu for each sculpture. They vary from piece to piece, and actual colors displayed on your monitor will vary as well. The samples below now include the 2 available concrete stains.



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QUESTION: Aren't these too heavy for my plasterboard wall Randall?

By no means! keep in mind- your walls weigh thousands of pounds and support the roof. HOWEVER- do not use plastic or self adhesive picture hangars of any kind, or try to simply put a screw into the thin sheetrock-these will not hold, and are not designed to.

Install your mounting hooks or other hangars into the solid wood STUD inside the wall, these are spaced 16" apart. You should use an anchor rated to hold at least twice the shipping weight of the sculpture.

To show what a sheetrock wall can hold, here is a photo of two shelves I installed on my bedroom wall for original sculptures that I couldn't mount any other way, the brackets are screwed into the wall studs with 3" screws. The weight for the stone and terra-cotta shown-the top shelf; 175# and 125# for the lower shelf- 300# total.


Another wall in the bedroom, the green copper cornice and the round lion on the left are antique salvage, the others are casts of my own sculptures. The D4-R panel can be seen on the right in the bright gold finish over the head-board.


To order the Interior version use this button to order, prices plus shipping in the wood crate are shown in the PayPal cart.

NOTE: This item in CONCRETE has to ship by TRUCK due to the weight, crated it exceeds FedEx' weight limit. The shipping charge on this is ESTIMATED only.