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click here for more details Grotesque Collection
This is a very special group of grotesques, and 'green man' leaf masks and related sculptures.
click here for more details Females, Girls, Angels and Cherub Collection
This is a unique group of very pretty female sculptures, petite. refined, feminine but also strong from years of hard lives. Typically in the keystone shape, you are sure to find more than one that strikes your fancy.
click here for more details Males and & Bearded Men Collection
The men are here, masculine and rugged, you'll find a number of interesting sculptures here, typically in keystone shape.
click here for more details Lions and Animals
Here are the lions, gargoyles, owls, sea monsters, griffins, ram and other animals. Lions were the most commonly depicted on buildings. These range in size from a couple of pounds up to over one hundred, and in a variety of shapes.
click here for more details Art Deco and Sullivanesque (Chicago Arts) Collection
This is a unique group of very interesting Art Deco after the 1930's era, and a growing Sullivanesque line from the Louis Sullivan Chicago era.
click here for more details Misc, and NYC Subway collection
Here you will find subway art, Charter Seal of New York City, Board of Education seal, other items.
click here for more details Casts from original artifacts
Here you will find direct casts made from 19th century originals.

My sculptures were featured in an issue of the Blanden Memorial Fine Arts Museum magazine, the museum also had a display of my sculptures there from January 2009 through June.
The exhibit was there for three months longer than I had expected! A presentation was also given, support your fine art museums please. Article's basic text, and photos provided by myself;